Who We Are

Waterloo Promotional is a successful, strategic and creatively-driven enterprise focusing on Below The Line Marketing and promotional products.

We strive to provide cost optimization, therefore delivering the competitive advantage. We are experts in providing our clients with tactical and bespoke promotional products and ideas combined with creative insights, which ensures their campaigns remain within budget and that there necessary outcomes are met.

We are connected with global partners, providing and sourcing products globally in turn aligning with global strategies.

What We Do

—We strive to build long lasting professional relationships with our suppliers in order to provide the finest quality items and solutions at the lowest possible cost. We also pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients in order to ensure all of their needs are met. We work with suppliers around the world in order to deliver product locally, regionally and globally.

We understand that our clients operate in fast-paced, competitive environments, therefore, we ensure that all items are delivered timeously. We consult with our clients regularly in order to remain on top with their ever-changing industry as we provide solutions to challenges that might arise. Our approach is always to meet and align with the client's clear objectives.

How We Do It


With PEOPLE AND PASSION, we deliver the necessary PRODUCTS tailored to meet our client’s needs.

We are experts in sourcing the right product at the right price, which drives cost efficiency and optimization. We work closely with our clients and their teams at a pace that meets the market's demands.

We are always looking ahead in order to remain abreast of product innovation and competitive advantage. Our goal is to remain innovative and relevant to our clients operations.

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